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Essentials for newborn babies

First time to make a mother, everyone is very surprised to buy the baby. Mom always wondering what to buy? What material? How convenient? When I was about to give birth to a baby, I wondered, and after more than a year after birth, I advise you not to buy too much stuff because your baby grows so fast, especially clothes. Below is a list of items needed for t [...]

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Vitamin D for baby

Vitamin  is essential for the development of the baby vitamin D is vitamin helps the body absorb calcium in the foods to develop maximum height. In addition, vitamin D also works to strengthen the immune system, insulin production and prevent diabetes developing baby's muscles. Vitamin D plays an important role in the development of bones and teeth of infants. Vitamin D is inv [...]

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Outline of Principles of weaning methods

Weaning is a new phase for both mother and baby, which began when the baby is 5.5 to 6 months old. This phase has a huge impact to their eating habits during her later life. Understand the importance of this period, the nutrition experts recommend parents Britain should spend at least 2 weeks to learn about food miles methods. Currently there are 3 common methods are as follows [...]

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Best High Chair With Tray Reviews and Buying Guide of 2017

Parents are always impressed with any development that their new born baby makes. from the time they open their eyes, to the time when they will say their first words, every action is appreciated with much enthusiasm. Parents should always be keen and suportive in order for their children to develop appropriately. As a parent, you should always create a favourable environment a [...]

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Feeding eggs properly

According to nutrition experts, the egg is one of those foods provide protein of high biological value, easily absorbed (absorption rate of egg protein is 100%, equivalent to the protein in milk if known how to make the right). Egg yolk also provides fat, vitamins, zinc, ...; Princess egg white protein is essential for the development of children. Usually a ch [...]

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What to do when your baby fussy

When your child is about 3 years old pharmacy, baby barracuda often anchors, tantrums estate anywhere, anytime. This is known as the age of 3. In the crisis period, the parents should be more concerned about children, do you with more children but also should take steps to get rid of the baby fussy. This is the experience I shared experts, hope to be useful to you. &nb [...]

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List of necessary instruments for baby food miles

Breast milk is the best food for infants and young children. But until they are 5.5 to 8 months of age, parents should set weaning your baby, because up to this point, breast milk is no longer sufficient nutrients that babies need. Feeding collective journey is a journey of miles fresh. If little cooperation, the mother will feel very easy; in contrast to the non-cooperative b [...]

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Method for milk back

As a mother, you want child breastfed for at least the first 6 months. I've got, so, what concerns my first born is how to eat enough milk for the baby. I live in Vietnam, there are plenty of folk to call milk. I've tried quite a lot of ways, and today I want to share for your back. The location of each person is different, so can people of this way, the other way of the other, [...]

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